Form 433-F
Form 433-F

Form 433-F for IRS Automated Collection Service

What Is IRS Form 433-F?

The form 433-F is also known as Collection Information Statement. It is usually used to collect financial data form the individuals with delinquent tax debt. If you owe the Internal Revenue Service money, you are provided with this document in order to determine how you can repay your arrears. Then IRS can define your eligibility for payment plans.

You may also use the form 433-F to apply for uncollectible status. The IRS doesn’t make completing this document easy for you. However, you may facilitate the process by using online services with fillable templates. Read the following instruction to fill out the template correctly.

This paper is divided into 8 section, each of which requires your close attention. Look through the list of data to include:

  1. Your bank accounts and lines of credits, IRA, profit sharing plans, mutual funds, bonds, and related accounts;
  2. Any property you own including your primary residence, vacation homes, rental properties, and even timeshares (including the reason of purchasing, price, current value and equity);
  3. Details about other assets you own (cars, boats, RV’s or whole life insurance)
  4. Business information;
  5. All your credit cards;
  6. Employment information (how much you get paid and what gets taken out for taxes)
  7. Additional earning (alimony, child support, unemployment payments);
  8. Amount you spend each month;

Note, that it is necessary to sign the document that is also possible to perform online.